Protection Spells – Purification Spells

guardian angel protection spellIn the world that we live in today, it is important that you know how to cast protection spells in order to get rid of negative energy. Cleansing spells will enable you to eradicate curses, eliminate bad karma, and remove evil eye and so much more.

If you have been feeling of late as if somebody (i.e. colleague, friend or family member) has somehow cursed you and therefore you are constantly engulfed by negative aura, then you need to know how to cast protection spells. Then again, someone does not have to aim bad luck at you. By just being next to people who are carrying negative energies can cause you to have a real bad day. Somehow, you will notice that each time you are around these people, bad things keep happening to you. However, if you know how to cast protection spells you will no longer have to be overly concerned about hanging around certain groups of people, feel sad or even depressed.

Protection spell is a kind of white magic that brings good karma to you and hinders negative energy from getting close to you. If you have ever watched any of Harry Porter’s movies, then you will definitely know that there is good magic. What is depicted on film actually happens in real life. White magic is the exact of black magic. White magic has been designed to counteract all forms of attacking spells. Therefore, you will be able to safeguard yourself from these evil spells that might hinder you from getting the love of your love or building your wealth.

However, before looking at how to cast protection spells, let us first of all look at how you are most likely to by negative auras.

How you are surrounded by negative energies

There are basically three ways through which you can be surrounded by negative auras thereby prompting for the casting of protection spells.

Alluring negative energies

Unknown to some people is the fact that you can allure negative auras to yourself. A majority of people come to this realization after seeing everything that is around them fall apart. More than often, you will find that you keep tripping on things or without knowing it mess things at your place of work. You will entice these negative auras by simply being negative to yourself at all times. In addition, you will find yourself showing these feelings to the people who are around you. Chances are that you know a couple of your colleagues or friends that have negative energies in them and tend to spread them to the people who are around them. Such people often become far much worse each time you try to talk to them or point out their shortcomings.

You are born with negative energies

Negative energies are akin to all kinds of hereditary characteristics. Likelihoods are that the kind of negative energies you have been displaying were passed to you at birth. It is for this reason that you need to know how to cast protection spells so that your children are not born with negative energies.

Negative auras were hurled at you

All kinds of bad spells such as curses, revenge and evil spells are known to instill some kind of negative energy within you. Once a negative aura has been hurled at you, you will find that you are constantly attracting anything and everything that is negative. Hence, if you have been feeling cursed of late, likelihoods are that someone cast these energies on you.

Protection spells will ensure that all the negative energies within you are scattered and the influences of these energies will no longer be upon you.

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