Protection Spells – What You Need to Know

guardian angel spellBlack magic has been used since time immemorial to bring bad tidings not only to an individual, but his or her blood line. Hence, a majority of people cringe at the mention of black magic. While it is true that black magic still exist to date, what most people do not know is the existence of white magic. White magic can simply be defined as good or friendly magic that counteracts the effects of black magic. White magic has been in existence as long as black magic. Examples of white magic include fertility, love, wealth plus protection.

Protection magic is a type of white magic that is basically used to safeguard you from bad karma. Protection spells are used to safeguard yourself from negative energies brought by colleagues or associates meant to bring you down at your place of work. Protection spell can also be used as a way of ensuring that your family is safe at all times.

In as much there are people who wish you well; there are also many who wish you bad luck. These are people who work around the clock to ensure that you don’t meet targets at work by making your fall sick or be clumsy at work. While you may think that the bad karma that keeps following can be attributed to enemies who you know nothing of, you will be surprised that your colleagues, friends or even family members are the ones that wish you bad luck. Therefore, it is important that you know how to cast protection spells around in order to ensure that these negative energies do not affect you.

Of great importance is that you teach your household on how to cast protection spells around them. You need to know that you will not always be around to guarantee the safety of your family. Hence, if your children and spouse know how to cast a protection spell, you will rest assured that wherever they are they will be safe from negative auras. In addition to casting protection spell at your place of work, you also need to the same in your house and even car. This is because visitors or passengers in your car may come with negative energies.

Consequently, in case you are surfing for information on how to cast protection spells, you will find this article quite informative. Illustrated herein, are tips and guidelines on how to properly cast protection spells.

If you would like to cast protection spells that will really work, you will need to ensure that you have the proper ingredients. For example, to cast a protection spell you will need to have sandalwood incense, purified water, a feather, sea salt and incense holder. These supplies are easily accessible from various online stores at pocket friendly prices. Nonetheless, in case you are unable to acquire the precise ingredient, you can look for a replacement that has the same make-up as the original ingredient.

Casting of spells is recommended during full moon. During the full moon, the spirits of good karma are highly receptive and will gladly accept your request. Then again, you can perform the ritual at different phases of the moon.

While there are individuals who prefer consulting Wiccans so as to cast these spells for them, you can actually cast the spell on your own if you know what to do. To do so, begin by casting a Wicca’s circle. You need to do this for around the room you would like to protect. Check that the circle has been cast behind doors, on doorways and windows. This ensures that there are not entry points for bad aura Thereafter, scatter the purified water around the area you drew a Wicca’s circle. Repeat the same procedure for the sea salt.

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